2001 Rouen, France

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2001 BFOV Spring Weekend in France
Joint venture with Les Amis du Vanuatu

In late March 2001 a large group of members crossed the channel to spend a weekend in Rouen with members of the French association, Les Amis du Vanuatu, for the first réunion between the two groups since
the 1997/98 visit of the BFOV to Paris to attend the celebrated Vanuatu exhibition (Vanuatu Océanie -- arts des isles de cendre et de corail) at Le Musée des arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie.  The British group took two ni-Vanuatu Chevening Scholars -- Laurina Liwuslili and Sowani Joseph as guests of the association.  The weekend programme included a magnificent reunion dinner in Rouen on the Saturday evening and the joint visit to Monet's Garden.
Michel Kornmann, the chairman of the French association, Les Amis Français du Vanuatu, in conversation with André and Anne Pilecki (IRCC Santo) in Monet's Garden, the venue for the first rendez-vous between the two groups of old friends. Vive l'amitié franco-britannique!
Again in Monet's Garden, Mena Shackley and Anne Pilecki seated in front of the striking tulip beds.  This was the first reunion between the two friends since leaving Vanuatu in 1989.