BFOV Weekends

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2001 Rouen, France
2002 Cardiff
2003 Whitby
2004 Newquay
2004 Chirk

Twice each year the British Friends of Vanuatu organises weekend events in different regions of the United Kingdom.  One of the gatherings is the annual general meeting of the association and the other annual event is the BFOV social weekend.  The venues are moved around the country, year on year, in order to allow as many members as possible to meet up without facing the regular cost and inconvenience of long journeys to the same venue.  In practice the opportunity these weekends give to visit new places, often for the first time, has become one of the main attractions of the social away weekends.  Visitors from Vanuatu, and especially visiting Chevening scholars and other students from Vanuatu are always welcome and are generally invited as guests of the association whenever funds allow.