Annual Reports

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UK Registered Charity Number 1112258 (BFOV-CT)



The BFOV Charitable Trust is required to make a number of reports each year: an annual report to the Charity Commission for scrutiny by them and, later, by the general public who can access this information on the Charity Commission website, and also a report to the membership of the association.  For example, the BFOV constitution requires the Chairman of the Trustees to make an annual report on the Trust activities to the membership at the Annual General Meeting of the main association.

This page provides links to the public copies of those reports.  Copies of reports to the membership are distributed personally to all members attending the association's annual general meeting.  The reports can be accessed by other members on the 'members-only' section of this website at any time.  Past reports are available on a year by year basis, starting with 2006, the first year of the Trust activities as a registered charity.  Other documents thought to be of interest will be added and posted to the members only pages of the website in the same way.