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For the academic year 1999/2000 the ni-Vanuatu who visited the UK were :


Jesse Dick Joe (Paama Island) graduated from the University of the South Pacific with a BA (+GCED) degree in Education and Public Administration and, later, from the University of Malta, with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Planning and Management.  Prior to his arrival in the UK he was employed in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Port Vila.  Jesse was engaged on post-graduate studies at the University of London. On return to Vanuatu he  resumed his job as Director of the Policy and Planning Service in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Email: joe_jesse@hotmail.com    

Contact address in Vanuatu:

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports            Tel:  22309
Private Mail Bag 028                                        Fax: 22849
Port Vila
Republic of Vanuatu.


George Iapson [Tanna] graduated from the James Cook University of North Queensland with a degree in Education.  Prior to his arrival in the UK was teaching at the Aore Academy and Matevulu College.  During his Chevening Year in the UK George was engaged on post-graduate studies at the Oxford Brookes University in Oxford. One area of study was the teaching of French as a foreign language in English medium schools.  

On return to Vanuatu, George took up a post with the VASTEP Project -- VASTEP - 'Vanuatu Australian Secondary Teacher Education Programme' was a collaborative Program funded and run by Australia at the Vanuatu Teachers College (VTC) in Port Vila.  The project aimed at teaching counterpart Ni-Vanuatu lecturers to train secondary school teachers while following a Diploma in Education Course. The program was for three years (2000-2002)and was managed by an Australian University. Essentially, it took promising teachers from high schools and puts them through a two year process of qualifying them to become teachers of teachers. This qualification process involves part-time study towards a masters degree from an Australian university, and includes a year or so on attachment working with an expatriate lecturer at the VTC.   In 2003 George took up a post with ASPBAE (Asia South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education, a Pacific regional organisation with headquarters in Mumbai, India.  In his new capacity, George worked with VRDTCA (Vanuatu Rural development and Training Centres Association) an umbrella organisation for RTCs and schools in rural areas that provides, or arranges the provision of, support and training for teachers.

In addition to his vocational work, George is currently (2007) the President of the Port Vila Football League and Treasurer of the Vanuatu Foootball Federation.  Depite these heavy commitments, George maintains regular links with BFOV and frequently represents our interests in Vanuatu.

 Address:  Vanuatu Teachers College, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Email : kgbiapson@hotmail.com          Tel: TBA


Len Tarivonda  [Ambae}  After spending two years at Atlantic College in Wales, where he obtained the International Baccalaureate,  Len graduated from the University of London in 1993 with a degree in medicine.  Prior to his arrival in the UK he was employed at the Port Vila Central Hospital.  While in the UK as a Chevening Scholar during the year 1999/2000, Len was engaged on post-graduate studies ( MA in Public Health) at the University of Leeds.  After leaving the UK on 16th September, 2000, he returned to Vanuatu to take up a new post with the Department of Public Health in Port Vila.                 

Email : lentarivonda@hotmail.com

Telephone: 00 678  26748 (Home)  00 678 22512  (Work)


Department of Public Health
Private Mail Bag 009
Port Vila 
Republic of Vanuatu
South West Pacific