2005 Chevening

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In the academic year 2004/2005 the only ni-Vanuatu post-graduate student visiting the UK was:

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Roslyn ARTHUR  - (Efate Island) was educated at Malapoa College and Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand, where she gained a degree in Political Science.  On return to Vanuatu in 1998 Roslyn took up a teaching post at Malapoa College in Port Vila.  In early 2004 she applied and was accepted for a post in the Department of Foreign Affairs as a Desk Officer in the UN Division.  During her stay in the United Kingdom Roslyn studied on the Oxford University Foreign Service Programme.  She returned to Vanuatu in June, 2005.  On first arrival at Somerville in Oxford, Roslyn was greeted with a poster advising all who entered the portals of the college to be aware of the names of others among the alumni who studied there.  The illustrious list of names included Iris Murdoch, Shirley Williams, Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher.  Watch out Vanuatu!

On return to Vanuatu Roslyn resumed her career with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

EMAIL: ros_arthur@yahoo.com.au