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Over the years, a number of ni-Vanuatu graduates have been selected for a course of post-graduate study in the United Kingdom.  The scholarships are normally funded by the Department for International Development and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  They are administered by the British Council and known as Chevening Scholarships.

The British Friends of Vanuatu has worked closely with the British Council and British High Commission staff over the years to ensure that ensure that students visiting the UK gain the maximum benefit from their time here.  Meeting and greeting students on arrival; assisting them to settle in to their nominated university; offering hospitality and accommodation on arrival and during holidays, and generally assisting with problems during their stay, have all been a feature of our involvement.

To see further details about Vanuatu Chevening Scholars over the years, and to read about what they are doing now, see the Chevening year by year report links on the menu bar at left.

There have been no Chevening Scholarships awarded to ni-Vanuatu scholars since 2004.  This disappointing outcome has been due in part to the reduction of British aid to the Pacific and, perhaps more significantly, to the closure of the British High Commission in Port Vila in 2005.  Chevening scholarships for the Pacific region are presently processed by the British High Commission in Suva, Fiji. The absence of nominations since 2004 suggests that it will be increasingly difficult for Vanuatu graduates to benefit from this worthwhile scheme, no matter how talented they may be.  While the nomination and selection process is managed at 'arms length' from Suva under the new diplomatic arrangements, it is important that aspiring and eligible candidates in the future have ready access to as much information about the Chevening Scholarship Scheme as possible.

By maintaining links with ex-Chevening Scholars in Vanuatu, the British Friends of Vanuatu tries to ensure that potential candidates are made aware of the existence of the scheme, of where up to date information can be found, and of the time-table and deadlines which govern the selection process.


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Although not strictly a Chevening Scholar, Dr Leslie Ala completed research studies at the School of Tropical Medicine in Liverpool in 2004.  Leslie is an ex-Chevening Scholar as well as being an ex-Atlantic College student. He completed a further year of post-graduate studies at Liverpool University in August, 2002, when he was awarded his Masterís Degree with Distinction, as well as the prize for the top student of his year, from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine - a notable achievement. Leslie has been an active member of BFoV for many years. In 2019 he is working as a Registrar at a hospital in Wales.