Commonwealth Games

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Commonwealth Games -- PISUKI in Manchester
Pacific Islands Society Event - Saturday 28th August 2002.

In order order to welcome Pacific Island athletic teams to the UK, PISUKI hosted a reception in Manchester at the Castlefields Hotel.  The event was well attended and very much enjoyed by all.  The dancing and entertainment part of the evening was televised by an outside broadcast team from Singapore television which happened to be staying in the hotel. 

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Dancers from the UK Kiribati Association entertaining the Pacific athletes and guests at the Castlefields Hotel in Manchester.

The Vanuatu Pacific Games team, pictured here with Linda Bateman (CG Team Helper) and Chevening Scholars Edward Nalial, and James Odo.

Alex Collingwood-Bakeo, Yama Natuka, Marie-Estelle Kapalu, Denison Tari, and Odo Tevi meet up at the start of the evening.


By special request, a picture of the Vanuatu Chevening Scholars outside the ground of Manchester United FC.  Commonwealth Games or not, no trip to Manchester is complete without a visit to Old Trafford -- even for Edward Nalial, a Liverpool supporter!


Nathan White (Right) with his young dancing partner, Noelyn Hardy, in their splendid dancing outfits at the reception.  Nathan & Noelyn helped Terri Pollard, the main organiser of the event, welcome guests on arrival.


The Vanuatu team with their Commonwealth Games helpers Linda Bateman and Sarah Burman (centre rear), both of whom joined the BFOV on the evening.  Both Linda & Sarah hope to visit Vanuatu in the coming year.


The Commonwealth Games Vanuatu team helpers Linda Sarah and Stewart, all of whom say they were 'won over' by that special Vanuatu something in their dealings with the team over the Games fortnight.


The Solomon Island team and PISUKI Solomon Islands members, making merry by leading a Pacific singalong in the course of the evening.

The Vanuatu athletics team, coach and CG helpers enjoy a day out in Wales   The team stop off in Liverpool on the way back from the outing to Wales.