2002 Scholarships

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For the duration of the Vanuatu academic year 2002 (February - December) the British Friends of Vanuatu supported two scholarships -- one at Matevulu College in Santo and one at Malapoa College in Port Vila.




Benjamin JESSIE is 17 years of age and is a boarder at Malapoa College.  Reports for the previous year show a  good level of achievement.  Benjamin has represented Malapoa College in the Vanuatu inter-schools cross-country race.







Albert BULE is 17 years of age and is currently being funded for year 13 studies at Matevulu College on the island of Santo.  Previously educated at Ranwadi High School, on the island of Pentecost,  If the high performance noted at Ranwadi (where he was the head boy) is maintained, Albert is expected to do well at Matevulu and continue on to university studies