2004 Scholarships

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For the duration of the Vanuatu academic year 2004 (February - December) the British Friends of Vanuatu supported two scholarships at Malapoa College in Port Vila.


Sheena Luankon is 18 years of age and is a day student at Malapoa College.  Reports for both the previous and current year show a  good level of achievement.  Sheena wrote us a few sparkling lines when she heard we were sponsoring her studies:

Hi ! My name is Sheena Luankon and I am one of the Vanuatu students that you are sponsoring . I am in year thirteen in Malapoa College and am currently studying science subjects. I am eighteen years old, I was born on the ninth of May 1986, and I am about 1.60m in height.  I come from a family of six; my father, my mother , my elder sister , my younger sister and last but not least, my brother. My father comes from an island in Vanuatu called Ambrym, my mum is from another called Pentecost and so that makes me part Ambrym part Pentecost.  My elder sister is currently unemployed and my younger brother and sister are also attending Malapoa College. I guess that's about it for my family. As for me, well, for starters my favourite hobbies are playing football, drawing (this is one of my favourite pastimes), reading and doing homework (which I guess could be considered as another one, if you happen to be one of the ''work'' - lovers.)  My favourite subject is Physics but I consider Statistics and Calculus to be the top-most ones . Before I begin to bore you  I would just like to say thank you for offering to sponsor me , especially when it's during my last year in college and I would appreciate it if you forgive me for not e-mailing you sooner . It's just that I was busy with a lot of internal assessments that came up.  So, once again, thank-you and I hope to hear from you again . Don't hesitate to ask me tons of questions about myself cause I think I'm skipping a few info out. CHAO !!!!   

Jeff Mark -- is a year 12 (Form 12A) boarding student who will be 18 years of age in November.  jeff is gaining good reports and said to be a consistently hard worker.  When emailing us a few weeks after the sponsoring agreement, jeff added the following: 

Sorry for not emailing you for a long period of time.  Right, I just want to thank you for sponsoring me.  Before I finish, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Mark.  I'm a year 12 student, currently studying at Malapoa College.  I will be 18 on the 9th November, 2004.  My favourite subject is Accounting and in my future career I hope to become an Accountant.  I think thats all.





Albert BULE is 17 years of age and is currently being funded for year 13 studies at Matevulu College on the island of Santo.  Previously educated at Ranwadi High School, on the island of Pentecost,  If the high performance noted at Ranwadi (where he was the head boy) is maintained, Albert is expected to do well at Matevulu and continue on to university studies