Independence 2002

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Independence 2002 (UK style)
Ni-Vanuatu visitors celebrate independence day in London
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Ni-Vanuatu visitors to the UK celebrated Vanuatu Independence in London as guests of the British Friends of Vanuatu.
The event was held at the home of Norman & Mena Shackley at Ashford in Middlesex.
  Those in the picture, from left to right, are:
Odo Tevi (Chevening Scholar); Nathan & Christopher Shackley (Vila childhood); Edward Nalial (Chevening Scholar); Gordon Dickinson (Public Prosecutor 1985-88); Mena & Norman Shackley; Aleks Collingwood (Vila Childhood); Pat Dickinson (Bureau of Statistics); James Bakeo-Collingwood;  Sian Mexsom (Vila childhood)
  Richard Dorman and Aleks Collingwood taking a meal in the shade at the Vanuatu Independence Day barbecue in London.  Guests sweltered in temperatures (32C high) which brought back memories for many of  Independence Days spent in Vanuatu.
Martin Sibley chats with Sian Mexsom and Richard Dorman.   Martin Sibley, James Bakeo Chris Shackley and Odo Tevi talking with Norman Shackley on a break from barbecue duties.
Martin Sibley & Odo Tevi enjoying a meal in the welcome shade under the parasol.   Patricia and Gordon Dickinson, looking to catch up after a late arrival to la fete.
James bakeo-Collingwood with wife, Aleks and Odo Tevi, Chevening scholar.  
Aleks Bakeo-Collingwood, in a rare break-out from the shade on the hottest day of the year in London.
Ni-Vanuatu guests Eward Nalial, Odo Tevi and James Bakeo disagree on which way up for the Vanuatu national flag.  And so did most of the Brits.  It took Richard Dorman's intervention to settle the dispute.   Holding the flag.  All disagreements forgotten and all champagne toasts completed, a number of members and guests gather round to display the flag in what is hopefully the correct orientation.