Leslie Garae

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Leslie Garae -- a Ni-Vanuatu Police officer, visited the UK in 2004 when he attended Bramshill Police Training College in Berkshire, in the summer of 2004.  Leslie was in the UK for seven weeks and during his stay met up with members of the BFOV on a number occasions, including Independence Day and also this sight-seeing day to Winchester. (Click on images to enlarge)

Inside Winchester cathedral with, from L to R, Martin Sibley, Megan Barton, Mena Shackley and Leslie Garae. Inside Winchester cathedral -- Mena Shackley, Leslie Garae, Megan Barton and Stephen Sibley.
Walking the walk in Winchester, with David Barton, Martin Sibley, Norman Shackley, Nathan Shackley and Leslie Garae. Martin Sibley, in the grounds of Winchester cathedral, stands by the famous gravestone of Thomas Thetcher who died of a fever through drinking small beer in 1764.


Gordon Dickinson (Vanuatu Public Prosecutor 1994-1997) talks over old times with Leslie during the 2004 Independence Day picnic at Savill Garden.  Alivier Wartef, ni-vanuatu now living and working in London stands behind. Part of the picnic group at Savill Garden, West London, to celebrate Vanuatu independence in 2004.  Pat Dickinson (seated) with Mike Longworth, Norman Shackley, Gordon Dickinson, Martin Sibley, Leslie, Alivier Wartef, Nathan Shackley, Mena Shackley & Helga Longworth.