Customs Reception

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On the evening of Thursday 4th August, the Department of Customs & Inland Revenue hosted a reception to welcome the British Friends of Vanuatu back to Port Vila.  Although intended primarily as welcome for Norman, Mena and Nathan Shackley (Norman worked with Customs and Taxes from 1982-199 in both Santo and Vila) the event just grew, as these things do in Melanesia, and turned out to be a veritable feast of entertainment, fellowship and food.  The customs staff even invited a number of Chevening Scholars to join in the fun.  The event was honoured by the presence of M. Moanna Carcasses, Minister of Finance and M. Vincent Lunabeck, Chief Justice, who attended on behalf of His Excellency the President of Vanuatu.  In the course of the evening the Chairman of the British Friends of Vanuatu was honoured to receive on behalf of the association a Jubilee Medal for distinguished service to Republic of Vanuatu in the 25 years since independence.

The BFOV extends a warm thank you to the acting Director of Customs & Inland Revenue and his staff for a wonderful, warm, happy and memorable evening in their company.


Who are those two outsiders who have slipped into the band?  I can see Longworth on the drums .  .  . Queen of the carcasse - Chef par excellence, if the quality of the pork was anything to go by.
Chief Justice Vincent Lunabeck presents the 2005 Jubilee medal to the BFOV. Chevening Scholar Edward Nalial is a guest of the Customs & Taxes.  We saw a lot of Edward and his wife helen during our stay.
MInister of Finance, M. Moanna Carcasse, honoured the visitors with his presence at this event. Chief Justice and madam Vincent Lunabeck table with Mena Shackley
BFOV guests after receiving the traditional lais on arrival at the Tennis Club. Another Chevening Scholar and old friend to many of those visiting - Nancy Wells.  These customs & taxes officers think of everything!
Jeffrey Wilfred and Timothy Williams were both recruited by Norman in the mid 1980s and both now head departments. Master of Ceremonies for the Customs side of the activities for the evening, Baddley Tari.  We could do with Baddley at our events in England - he was outstanding.
Who's that tripping the light fantastic across the floor?  And wasn't he in the band playing the drums a minute ago? The hard kernel of gaiety left at the end of a wonderful evening -- Chris Nicol asks Roger Beynon if he brought a car.
Ol big man long side long ministri blong Finance. Patricia Watkin, April Beynon and Nan Churchill take a well earned rest from the dancing.