Vanuatu 2005

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In July 2005 members of the British Friends of Vanuatu travelled to Port Vila to attend the 25 years anniversary of Vanuatu's independence celebrations.  Members travelled from the United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii to be in Vila on 30th July 2005.
The picture shows the first group of weary travellers arriving from Brisbane, Australia on 25th July.

From L to R

Enid & Gerry Burton.  Edna (hidden) & Derrick Butterfield; Patricia & Raymond Watkin; Nathan Shackley; Roger Beynon; Mena Shackley; Mike & Helga (hidden) Longworth; April Beynon,Sonja Zentner; John Sala (Deputy Director of Customs; Pamela Clunies-Ross (hidden)