Bench Presentation

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During the visit the association presented a commemorative park bench to Port Vila to mark the occasion of our visit and the 2005 Jubilee celebrations.  By arrangement with the municipality and the Port Vila Cricket Association, the donated bench was located in Independence Park, close to the cricket pavilion where so many of our members, over the years, spent pleasant Saturday afternoons losing to Australia and Vanuatu.  We were delighted to find that Englishman Bill Grundy is still there, still unfailingly accurate and still the longest serving cricket scorer ever to grace any cricket club anywhere.  The day and time of the presentation coincided with the cricket association's own prize-giving ceremony for children and youth leagues, so it was an especially happy occasion.
Mark Stafford, President of the Vanuatu Cricket Association, presents the first of the 2005 awards First use of the bench as BFOV members gather with the captains of the winning youth teams.  Bill Grundy stands at the rear.

Mark Stafford presents the second of the day's prizes.

And again for the third, as Pat Dickinson and Roger Beynon look on with the rest of the winning team.