BHC Reception

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BHC Reception

Front Row (Kneeling - L to R):
Raymond Watkin; Andrew Thomas (Australian Friends of Vanuatu) Rob; Gordon Dickinson; Ben Nash (our youngest member!) Mark Walton (new Zealand); Chris Nicol; Norman Shackley; nathan Shackley.
Back Row (Standing - L to R):
Mena Shackley; Edna Butterfield; Patricia Watkin; Edid Burman; Gerry Burman; Helen; Roger Beynon; Pat Dickinson; April Beynon; Sonja Zentner; John Challis; Pamela Clunies-Ross; Jill Challis; Patricia Mitchell; Helga Longworth; Bill Mitchell; Gill Nicol; Mike Longworth


The British High Commissioner Mike Hill, relaxing after the formal welcome with wife Elizabeth.

Mike and Elizabeth left Port Vila to take up a new post in the Ascension Isles just two weeks after the BFOV visit to Vanuatu.



Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime MInister, Sato Kilman, takes the microphone to welcome the British Friends of Vanuatu on behalf of the government of Vanuatu.  Just three weeks earlier the minister had met members of the association in London in the course of an official visit to Europe accompanied by Georges Manuiri and Job Boe.


Roger and April Beynon (Left) take the microphone at the suggestion of the BHC to explain a little of their background in the New Hebrides in the 1960s.  Roger was a the project manager for Vila Wharf and the pumping station; April worked at Pango School as a teacher.
( Nathan Shackley (Right) talks to Touasi Taiwia and Kalorib Sope of Vila Customs to learn something of what went on in Vila at the time of his birth there in 1984.

Thumbnail prints below -- click on thumbnail image to enlarge.    
Ian and Sue Irving examine details of
the BFOV activity programme for the stay.
Pat and Ray Watkin take the microphone to tell the guests about their time in the New Hebrides prior to Independence.    

Harold Qualo meets up with Norman Shackley and fills him in on all that has happened since Harold was Director of Public Works in the 1980s/


John & Jill Challis say their piece about life in Vila prior to independence and the changes they have found on this, their first return to the country since leaving Lakatoro in 1978.