Independence Day

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Independence Park Celebrations

Independence Park 2005 - the Jubilee Celebrations
By  30th July, Independence day, all of the BFOV visitors had arrived in Port Vila.  The Jubilee celebrations took place in wonderfully warm and brilliantly sunny weather throughout the day.

More Photographs below -- click on each image to see enlarged version

VMF Marching displays thrilled the crowd and impressed everyone with the excellence of their drill - they must train all dy and every day!

Custom dancers arriving perched on a Mitsubishi half-back, prior to performing in Independence Park

Iririki Island seen from the mainland as the boats prepare for the Independence Day sail past.
The m/v Coongoola, a vessel that many will remember from Sunday tours to the Caves at Lelepa in the 1980s.
Members of the public wait patiently for the performers to come on and do their stuff in independence park. The VIP stand, a favoured vantage point from where many of the group viewed the day's events in comfort and in shade.  Others simply sweltered in the mid0day sun.
Iririki Island seen from one of the high points above Vila and the harbour. French paras impress with their parachuting skills by landing bang on target.  But where, one had to ask, was the British contribution to the day's events on this, the last  independence day before the UK withdraws from Vila.

More marching and drill routines to entertain the VIPs and the public.
Enwai Mete (Sarakata School teacher and VSO support officer in Port Vila, bumps into old friends during the Independence Day events.