State House

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State House

Under the marquee in sweltering heat, everyone turned out in their Sunday best.  This is Vanuatu Independence Day, 2005, and this is Port Vila, at the State House.  The British Friends of Vanuatu were all guests of the President, Kalkot Matesmateskele, for the independence day celebrations on Saturday 30th July 2005.


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Gerry and Enid Burman meet an old friend from Condominium days in the grounds of the State House. Ken Hutton and Pamela Clunies-Ross exchanging views on how the Jubilee bash compares with previous years -- but isn't this Pamela's first?
Mark Walton from New Zealand, weighing up the man with the medal. Reece Discombe (centre) winning friends and influencing people under the marquee, here with Andrew Thomas, a founder member of the BFOV, visiting from Australia.
Reece Discombe (centre) in his 86th year and at his 25th independence day at the State House. The dashing white sergeant?  French naval officer visiting from Noumea, heading for the exit, or the bar, like a man on a mission.
Walker Bule, retired customs officer (Santo / Vila) from Pentecost.  Walker arranged the custom danis welcome for the main BFOV group arrival at Bauerfield airport.

Retired police officer and condominium sea-captain, Captain XX relaxing in the magnificent State House gardens where vantage points give splendid views over the bay towards Malapoa.