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     The association seeks to kindle the relationship between the United Kingdom and Vanuatu in a number of practical ways. The constitution of the British Friends of Vanuatu includes the following aims and objectives:

1.   To relieve poverty and advance education in the Republic of Vanuatu by:
ensuring better access to primary education by supporting the development of
effective and well resourced community pre-schools;
contributing to the achievement of higher completion rates of the most disadvantaged children by the provision of funded scholarships;
supporting the development and improvement of school and community libraries by the provision of books and library materials and equipment;
  (d) supporting other projects of educational value.
To Encourage a sympathetic knowledge and understanding in the United Kingdom of the problems, interests and issues of Vanuatu;
To Provide practical assistance and social contact to ni-Vanuatu visiting the United Kingdom as students or trainees, including help on arrival and offers of hospitality;
To Keep its members informed of events and developments in Vanuatu, and in general to disseminate information likely to be of interest to members;

To Assist, where appropriate and practical, in the development of contacts between bodies and individuals in the United Kingdom and Vanuatu; enabling persons sharing a common interest in Vanuatu to keep in touch with each other;

To Offer guidance and briefing, when requested, to persons going out from Britain to work or live in Vanuatu.
To Maintain contact with the Pacific Islands Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland and support its activities as a corporate member of the Society.


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