Silas Buli

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Silas Buli, currently the headmaster of Ranwadi High School on the island of Pentecost, visited the UK in 1999 and, during a four week stay, spent two weeks attached to British schools - Clifton College and Gordano comprehensive in Bristol.  Silas also spent one week on a developmental programme organised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London where he visited London Schools and Colleges, the Westminster City Council Education Department to discuss curriculum development issues;  visits to the House of Commons to meet Dr John Marek MP., and to the London Institute of Education to discuss the difficulties associated with education in multi-lingual countries.  As well as the many formal events and activities set up for the visit, Silas also enjoyed the relaxed and informal hospitality offered by members of the Bristol Branch of the ESU as well as the many visits and meetings with friends and former teachers of the BFoV.

Silas returned to Vanuatu in March, 1999 and has remained in contact with the association since.  In his report to the Vanuatu Ministry of Education on his return, Silas recommended a number of measures, including:

bulletVanuatu schools to be encouraged to participate in the Commonwealth Essay competition;
bulletuse of computers in education to be promoted;
bulletschools in Vanuatu be encouraged to establish 'living links' with students in other countries;
bulletVanuatu government to support the GAP year project;
bulletVanuatu Education department to consider adopting the principle of schools inspections and standards monitoring.