Sonja Zentner

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A Dream Holiday in Vanuatu, South West Pacific


 Forty years ago, in 1965, Sonia Zentner arrived in the then New Hebrides Anglo-French Condominium to take up a two-year period of secondment working at the British Residency in Port Vila.  When she left in 1967 she never thought that she would one day return there - indeed, at the time of leaving, she actually vowed that she never would return, believing that, in doing so, the magic of that lifetime experience back in the 1960s would be lost forever.

In the event Sonja did return.  Not to the New Hebrides she had left in 1967 but to an independent republic that in 2005 was celebrating 25 years independence from Britain and France.  Now back in London Sonja has written an account of her return visit as a member of the group holiday organised by the British Friends of Vanuatu.  This is Sonja's story.  And as a personal account of return visit to a Pacific island state that has changed enormously since she was first there 40 years ago, it makes fascinating reading.

Sonja's Story